Steven Webb

Steven Webb

Director, Westlands Advisory

Steven has worked in market and strategy consulting for over 20 years as both a consultant and business leader. He founded Westlands Advisory with his business partner in 2018.

​He has considerable operational experience of managing research, consulting and leading internal change programs. Steven also brings his experience as a non-executive director for a UK based manufacturing organisation to customer engagements.

​Steven has worked with security organisations for over 10 years, leading project delivery, facilitating workshops and guiding business leaders. Projects include a range of topics from digital transformation to cyber security, surveillance and public safety. He has worked on a range of transport and border related projects, including operational analysis of airport processes, airport security business case development, screening and detection industry requirements and border control market analysis.

Steven is currently working on “State of Security”, an extensive review of security threats, policies and industrial development that will be available in early 2019. The analysis considers the factors influencing security threats and what the status of the security industry will be in 2024.



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