Matthieu Langlois

Matthieu Langlois

Chief Medical Officer, RAID Counter Terrorism Unit, French National Police

Medical Physician specialised in anesthesilogy and intensive care medicine. Main practice and experience was aquired from prehospital emergency medical care, medical trauma  and orthopedic surgery department. Specialised in disaster management and crisis management. Since 2007 worked as the Raid Operational Medical Director / CTU of the French National Police.

Main highlight of the tactical emergency medical unit support was:

- The Mohamed Merah unit assault in 2012

- The hyper cacher hostage rescue in Jan 2015

- The mass casualty event at the Bataclan theater in Nov 2015

- The  Saint – Denis Assault on Abaaoud’s team  in Nov 2015

We have built since 2012 an Operational Medical Doctrine to handle the MCI management in the hot zone. Several scientific publications and tactical or disaster medicine conferences  as well as a book ‘ Medecin du Raid Vivre en état d’urgence’ were published


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