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Jacob Davey

Jacob Davey

Head of Research & Policy, Far-Right and Hate Movements, Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Jacob Davey is Head of Research & Policy of Far-right and Hate Movements. His research focuses on the role of digital communications in inter-communal conflict, internet culture, online hate speech and the international far-right. He has led a number of projects piloting novel models for identifying extremist conversation online as well as interventions to counter this phenomenon. He has advised national and local policymakers on right-wing extremism, including the Home Affairs Select Committee, and has lead trainings with frontline practitioners on the mobilisation strategies of extremist groups. He has provided commentary on extremism-related issues in a number of platforms including The Guardian, The Independent, and The BBC, and also sits as a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. He is the co-author of ISD reports  Hosting the ‘Holohoax’: A Snapshot of Holocaust Denial Across Social MediaThe Interplay Between Australia’s Political Fringes on the Right and Left: Online Messaging on FacebookThe Genesis of a Conspiracy TheoryA Safe Space to Hate: White Supremacist Mobilisation on TelegramAn Online Environmental Scan of Right-wing Extremism in CanadaThe Fringe Insurgency – Connectivity, Convergence and Mainstreaming of the Extreme RightCounter-Conversations: A model for direct engagement with individuals showing signs of radicalisation online“Mainstreaming Mussolini” – How the Extreme Right Attempted to ‘Make Italy Great Again’ in the 2018 Italian Election‘The Great Replacement’: The Violent Consequences of Mainstreamed Extremism, and  An imprecise science: Assessing interventions for the prevention, disengagement and de-radicalisation of left and right-wing extremists.