Hussain Shah

Hussain Shah

Aviation Security, Civil Aviation Authority

Hussain Shah has been undertaking Aviation Security compliance monitoring activities for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) since certain aviation security functions were discharged from the Department of Transport (DfT) in April, 2014.

Hussain has had the pleasure of leading many airports as their designated Lead Auditor to provide advice, improve security standards and become a key point of contact for the CAA and the DfT. Hussain has focused on creating a collaborative and information sharing culture within the aviation security industry to ensure we are one step ahead of countering emerging vulnerabilities.

Hussain is now embedding Security Management Systems across the Aviation Industry. He is currently leading a major change to the aviation security industry by moving it towards risk-based/performance based regulatory oversight. This initiative is aimed at improving the quality assurance and risk management in the civil aviation industry.

Before joining the CAA, Hussain has worked in local government, undertaking key projects to improve efficiencies and he has significant experience from the financial sector that allowed us, here at the CAA, to use his skills to enhance the aviation security journey for all stakeholders.



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