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Claire Park MBE RAMC

Claire Park MBE RAMC

Consultant in Prehospital Care, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care , Kings College Hospital, London's Air Ambulance and the Defence Medical Services, Medical adviser to SCO19

Lt Col Claire Park MBE RAMC is a Consultant in Prehospital Care with London HEMS and in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Trauma at Kings College Hospital in London. She has 21 years of military experience, including numerous operational deployments. International experience of civilian and military prehospital care, trauma systems and tactical emergency medical systems, have given her extensive experience to bring to her work in ‘tactical medicine’. This includes a focus on reducing ‘The Therapeutic Vacuum’ that occurs for casualties in the hot and warm zones of high threat incidents. As the Medical Adviser to the Metropolitan Police Service’s Specialist Firearms Units, and major incident lead for London HEMS she also leads on developing interagency support, police officer first aid training and high fidelity simulation training during live police and multi-agency exercises.