Andrew McQuillian

Andrew McQuillian

Director, Crowded Space Drones

Andrew McQuillan is currently one of the most experience Drone Pilots in the United Kingdom and holds permissions to fly in many countries including the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Andrew founded Crowded Space Drones, which provides clients including Major Events and Government Agencies with specialised use of Drones for Public Safety, Crowd Management, Event Safety, Counter Terrorism and Major Incident Management. The team work internationally for clients including BBC, Live Nation, MTV, USA Sports Stadiums and many more.

Part of Crowded Space Drones work is also to advise events and venues on how to protect themselves from the threat of drones, including establishing restricted airspace above their event or buildings.

Andrew also is an experienced Crowd Safety Management consultant working with a wide range of events and venues across the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America. He is one of the faculty at the Academy of Venue Safety and Security (AVSS) leading on Crowd Management.

Having grown up in Northern Ireland and coming from a family of senior Law Enforcement officers, he has significant experience in Counter Terrorism and threats posed to Crowded Places from terrorist activity.




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