Alyssa Bladergroen

Alyssa Bladergroen

Managing Director, Counter Terrorism, Safety & Security, Alisitas Consultancy

Alyssa Bladergroen MSc (Dordrecht, 1 May 1991) is the Managing Director Safety, Security and (Counter) Terrorism at Alisitas Consultancy. After higher general secondary education, Bladergroen followed the study Safety and Security Management at The Hague University. Followed by a pre-master's in Public Administration and the Master Crisis and Security Management at the Leiden University, she completed this study in 2015. She did research on lessons learned from terrorist attacks for first responders and risk perception and risk acceptation. She worked as a security and crisis consultant and as researcher Terrorism for the government. Especially, she was working for an NGO where ex-terrorists, victims of terrorist attacks educated youngsters of high schools to prevent and counter radicalization. 

Bladergroen is often interviewed by the radio as an expert on terrorism and terrorist attacks. In 2016, Bladergroen switched to the private sector and established Alisitas consultancy to make the world more safe and resilient. Her company provides consultancy and training for governments, institutions and the business community about security, terrorism and counter-terrorism.



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