Subpage Hero
  • Ian Gurney FRCEM L/RAMC

    Ian Gurney FRCEM L/RAMC

    Defence Consultant Advisor in Emergency Medicine Research and Clinical Innovation, Royal Centre for Defence Medicine , and Joint Medical Group Secretary, COMEDS EMed Panel, NATO
  • Chris Jones

    Chris Jones

    Deputy Force Prevent Strategic Lead, Metropolitan Police
  • Steve Bland

    Steve Bland

    Defence Consultant Advisor in CBRN Medicine, and Chair NATO CBRN Medical Working Group, Defence Medical Services
  • Adam Thomson

    Adam Thomson

    Head of National Counter Terror Security Office, National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters
  • Michael Orchard

    Michael Orchard

    National CT Coordinator - Protect and Prepare , National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters
  • David McNichol-Jones

    David McNichol-Jones

    Counter Terrorism, "Prevent" Awarneness Co-ordinator, Metropolitan Police and Chairperson Emeritus , Rescue Global
  • Peter Lucas

    Peter Lucas

    Community and Business Engagement Sergeant, National Project Servator Team, City of London Police
  • Jacob Davey

    Jacob Davey

    Head of Research & Policy, Far-Right and Hate Movements, Institute for Strategic Dialogue
  • Jerry Smith OBE

    Jerry Smith OBE

    Senior Partner and Head of Advisory, CHC Global
  • Claire Park MBE RAMC

    Claire Park MBE RAMC

    Consultant in Prehospital Care, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care , Kings College Hospital, London's Air Ambulance and the Defence Medical Services, Medical adviser to SCO19
  • Simon Bachelor

    Simon Bachelor

    Lead, Counter Drone Legislation and Policy , National Police Chiefs Council
  • Bert Appleton

    Bert Appleton

    Head, Counter-Explosive Ordnance Defence Engagement Office, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Bob Wahl

    Bob Wahl

    Unit Head, Weapons of Terrorism, National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
  • Adrian Nish

    Adrian Nish

    Head of Cyber Propositions, BAE Systems
  • Holly Carter

    Holly Carter

    Principal Behavioural Scientist , Public Health England
  • Will Baldet

    Will Baldet

    Regional Prevent Coordinator, Home Office
  • Leo McCloskey

    Leo McCloskey

    VP Marketing, Echodyne
  • Peter Jones

    Peter Jones

    Risk Consultant, Jones Risk Consultancy
  • Peter Dalton

    Peter Dalton

    Protective Security & Major Event Consultant, PAD Command Consultancy
  • Kelly Hemmise

    Kelly Hemmise

    Counter Terrorism Security Advisor, City of London police
  • Guy Huckle MBA MIoD M.ISRM

    Guy Huckle MBA MIoD M.ISRM

    Operational Resilience & Contingency Planning Manager, Network Rail
  • Patrick Goulbourne

    Patrick Goulbourne

    Operational Resilience, NILO National Coordinator, London Fire Brigade
  • David Sanderson

    David Sanderson

    Position, Navigation and Timing; Emergency Services Lead and Monitoring and Detection Advisor. UK Cabinet Office, UK Cabinet Office
  • Martin Broomhead AFC MRAeS

    Martin Broomhead AFC MRAeS

    UK General Manager, D-Fend Solutions