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Developing resilient critical infrastructure in a networked world

The UK’s critical infrastructure and associated assets, as well as a broad range of private stakeholders including essential businesses and services, currently face a significant threat from international and domestic terrorism, espionage and hostile foreign activity in the physical and cyber spaces.

We live in a ‘just-in-time' society that has become almost entirely dependent on goods and services distributed through increasingly delicate critical infrastructure, so the potential consequences of disruption to that infrastructure has serious ramifications.

However, the increasing importance of well protected, resilient infrastructure is matched by the growing complexities and interdependencies of a CNI which is spread across sectors and nation states. Relationships between stakeholders are somewhat disjointed, the ownership of risk is unclear and yet the consequences of failure are potentially catastrophic.

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2020 Conference Agenda

  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    Malcolm Warr, Chairman of Protecting Infrastructure, and Ed Butler, Head of Resilience at Pool Re, will discuss how the effects of terrorism on businesses can be mitigated. Drawing on decades of experience, this conversation is must-see for anyone concerned with the impact an act of terrorism can have on their company's bottom line. 
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    The nature of cyber-physical systems underpinning critical infrastructure has evolved quickly over the past 10 years. The convergence of information and operational technologies, the commoditisation o ...
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    Nine out of ten companies have been affected by sabotage, espionage and data theft in the past two years – IT attacks have a high degree of diversity. Threats on the web are increasing due to the incr ...
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    Maritime Infrastructure can be complex and in terms of digitalisation and Cyber Security in an evolving environment, presents some unique challenges. Using a real-life case study, Fitz will highlight the guiding principles in security that can be adopted to address these challenges in Maritime, and how they can also be applied across other CNI sectors.
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    Tony will discuss facial recognition technology and the role that it can have in counter terrorist operations, the challenges it can bring in civil society and how to ensure the technology is used wit ...
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    The topic will delve into aspects that overall comprise Deception Detection as a tool. This includes Body Language as Indicators of Deception: What To Look For and When in a Static and Mobile Environm ...
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    The audience will learn about INTERPORTPOLICE 3 Pillar Strategy of Education, Collaboration and Communication. How to integrate and enhance the security culture within the airport and seaport domain. ...
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre
    This presentation will distill threat management lessons and research from the presenter’s thirty five years of experience in military, federal, state, private sector, higher education and internation ...
  1. Protecting Infrastructure Theatre

    Go on an entertaining and thought-provoking journey to the “Dark-side” to get a glimpse of how the “Bad Guys “of SPECTRE are looking at you and your organisations vulnerabilities.

    …….. and get an exclusive on their rebranding exercise!

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