• Tactical Electronics new CORE Cameras line features Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and a touchscreen CORE Monitor. The CORE system is completely modular and allows you to attach 4 different camera necks to 2 different base units and view video wirelessly on the CORE monitor.

  • Global market leading high-speed door manufacturers EFAFLEX, have taken their 40 year’s of design and engineering experience to develop a world first in the ballistics industry. EFAFLEX, renowned for pushing the boundaries of product innovation have established a separate division within the Munich based business to specifically focus on ballistic protected and anti- burglary high- speed shutters.


  • Plans consulted on the 25th October by the Home Office included regulations that will allow Police Officers to record interviews and suspects using their body-worn cameras. Pinnacle body-worn cameras ...
  • BodyCams from Pinnacle Response are being rolled out by G4S within a multi-million Pound contract. G4S has secured a contract with EDF for facilities management at the UK's first nuclear power station ...
  • Body Worn Video Cameras from Pinnacle Response are the BodyCam of choice for the bailiffs who star on "Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!" For the past 3 years Pinnacle Response has supplied their body ca ...
  • Our datAshur PRO, PIN authenticated, hardware encrypted USB 3.0 flash drive has recently received the Departementaal Vertrouwelijk (restricted) accreditation, which considers the processing of sensiti ...
  • Bullet Guard

    Pure Vista

    Bullet Guard Spec:
    • Rated to FB5(NS) Tested in Accordance to EN1522 & EN1523
    • Tested using 1800mm High Glass
    • Achieves 1.5kN at 1800mm High to BS 6180:2011 (load applied at 1100mm)
    • Simple to Install
    • High level of Clarity
    • Printing and Tinting also available

  • Blast Guard

    Pure Vista

    Blast Guard Spec:

    • ASIAD Class 1 & 2 Compliant Balustrade in Accordance to ISO 16933:2007
    • No handrail is required on the glass
    • Quick to Install
    • Can be easily fixed into any MegaGrip installation without removing the glass and only accessing from one side
    • The first completely frameless Bomb Resistant adjustable balustrade


    Chemring Technology Solutions Ltd

    Achieving a balance between effective security and efficient vehicle-throughput at a large scale entertainment event is never easy. 

  • This cooperation between the two companies is expected to enhance cyber security capabilities of both parties, especially in terms of cyber security services such as penetration testing, red teaming, cyber-security trainings and security consultancy.


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