• Ultra Thin Stab Plate

    22 Jan 2019 Bladerunner
  • 2018 NATO Summit Protected Against Drones by Aaronia’s
    AARTOS System

  • Countering Drones at Airports

    14 Jan 2019 Robin Radar
    The growth in drone use has caused an upsurge in near-miss reports and increased the risk of drones disrupting or even colliding with air traffic.   Consumer and commercial drones typically weigh unde ...
  • The CALIBER® MK4

    11 Jan 2019 ICOR Technology

    Ottawa, ON 2019 - ICOR Technology Inc. (ICOR), is a Canadian-based company that manufactures and supplies affordable, high-quality, protective security equipment to Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Tactical, and CBRNE units worldwide. In business for over a decade, ICOR’s main expertise is in the engineering and manufacturing of the life-saving CALIBER® Robots that are in use with over 300+ law enforcement agencies in over 45 countries. 

  • If tasked with pinpointing the catalyst for the spate of terrorist attacks that have taken place across Europe over the last few years, most commentators would highlight the events of Paris in 2015, b ...
  • The events in Paris on 13 November 2015 completely shook the status-quo of domestic security, and what means are sufficient and suitable to protect the general public. The efforts of French domestic f ...
  • Portland, Oregon-based Radio Hill Technologies (RHT) will be showcasing it’s first in class counter-drone technologies at the 2018 SCTX Security and Counter Terror Expo during UK’s Security Week. Radio Hill’s DRONEBUSTER is the leading anti-drone technology on the market today with more than 250 systems deployed to customers worldwide, including the US Department of Defense and NATO.

  • Why can’t someone design a robot that can do everything, instead of having to have different robots for different tasks?

    Well, now there is a robot that can be configured for different scenarios.


    ZEUS, The Ultimate Modular Unmanned Ground Vehicle

  • Metrohm is pleased to present the Mira DS, a new handheld material identification system for police, hazmat teams, bomb technicians, and military personnel. At the push of a button, the Mira DS identifies illicit substances and explosives.

  • Body worn camera solutions from Pinnacle Response have been chosen to support Ferrovial Agroman UK and Laing O’Rourke Construction personnel during their joint venture to build the central section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel as part of London's new sewer system.

  • Many people think that water towers are only used as telephone antennas these days! In fact, those hefty, yet reassuringly familiar, old structures serve as reservoirs perched high above the rooftops. ...
  • An overview of key trends in global terrorism, insurgency, and political violence in 2017. An unsettled world of shifting and evolving social, political, and economic environments is giving rise to new actual and potential threats that security organizations must detect, understand, and counter.

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