Protecting crowded places from terrorism: An analysis of the current considerations, barriers, and incentives for protective security

05 Mar 2019

In recent times, significant and impactful terrorist attacks have targeted crowded places in major European cities and have resulted in substantial loss of life, property damage and economic losses, as well as impacting on reputational damage and societal relations. A central focus of this session is to develop an understanding of  the current considerations of terrorism and counter terrorism in the decision making process of developments specifically related to crowded places, and to identify any barriers that may be acting as impediments to the adoption of counter terrorism protective security measures. This presentation draws on significant research in this area and focuses on the following themes:

  • Provide an understanding of how counter terrorism is considered in the development of crowded places, critical infrastructure and large real estate developments
  • Identify the barriers to implementing counter terrorism measures;
  • What would incentivise large scale crowded places, critical infrastructure and real estate developments to adopt protective security measures in the future;
  • How collaboration and communication can be enhanced between all relevant stakeholders
David McIlhatton, Head of Protective Security and Resilience Research/ Director of Research Excellence - Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations
John Cuddihy, Visiting Professor - Coventry University, Centre for Peace, Trust and Social Relations


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