An interoperable and interdisciplinary approach to crowd behaviour in the improvement of incident mitigation strategies

06 Mar 2019

Continually “doing what we have always done will only get us what we always got” is a truism in crowd management terms. Being comfortable in the way that we deliver our crowd management strategies is a dangerous place to be as this area is constantly changing. This session will look at how and interoperable and interdisciplinary approach provides a key support mechanism for change in high risk environments. By taking the case study of one of the worlds most popular festivals we will view the psychosocial development which helps us to reorientate the physical aspects that we are so sure work in this environment. The session will focus on Orange Together, counter terrorism measures and the reconfiguration of the main stage barrier at the event. This is a truly interoperable and interdisciplinary delivery and points the way forward to an exciting future in this area.   

Professor Chris Kemp, CEO - Mind Over Matter Consultancy


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