Influencing planning and design to better protect crowded places against the terrorist threat

06 Mar 2019

Achieving higher levels of safety and security against terrorist threats is a challenge, especially if security is not to degrade the aesthetics and functionality of new developments.  In this session, we will explore innovative planning and early design solutions that when considered early enough in the design programme, are able to significantly reduce a site’s vulnerability to terrorist attack in a discrete way that enhances the built environment.  Based on the pioneering work undertaken by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, in partnership with NaCTSO, we will discuss case studies of iconic new developments that successfully achieved high levels of protection through collaboration between the planning authorities, the developers and security professionals within the industry and government regulators, across a range of developments including shopping centres, stadiums, luxury hotels and museums.

Stuart Williams CsYP, Director of Consulting - BB7
Aaron Thatcher, Associate Security Consultant - BB7


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