Developing critical business resilience in a connected world

05 Mar 2019

As national populism gains sway across many parts of the world, questions arise as the role of global governance and international order. We seem to be growing less connected. Yet, as social media, technology and much of business are no respecters of borders, and we become more connected through the ether, then the issue is how we are to remain resilient in the face of political upheavals and wide-scale disruptions like nuclear accidents, climate change, solar flares or volcanic eruptions, and mass migration.

It is therefore time to examine what makes us resilient in the new world disorder and whether it remains necessary that we look at what common aspects bind us in the common space. Such an examination isn’t just about the hard skills of policies, procedures and systems – including IoT and AI - but also about the soft skills of behaviours, culture and connectedness. The question is: can the two skill sets can be aligned for critical business operations in the face of significant disrupters?     

Robert Hall, Executive Director - Resilience First


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