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23 Mar 2020

Policing a Pandemic

Richard Walton
Policing a Pandemic

Richard Walton, a member of our Advisory Committee, and Sophia Falkner have written a paper on ''Policing a Pandemic' for Policy Exchange addressing the impact of the coronavirus crisis on crime and law.

They believe the repercussions of the coronavirus crisis on crime and law and order will be profound but likely short term. The impact on crime will vary depending on crime type and severity of the coronavirus crisis. Some crimes such as alcohol-related disorder will inevitably be reduced due to the lockdown, however for other crimes, such as domestic violence, they believe will most likely increase.

Key Recommendations:

  • The Government should instigate a national advertising campaign to raise morale across the country
  • The Home Office and Police Service should highlight the importance of Neighbourhood Watch schemes across the country
  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) should develop existing advice on phishing relating to the Coronavirus crisis
  • The Government should engage Third Sector and Civil Society organisations and devise a national strategy for sustaining strong levels of mental health and well-being across the country
  • Local authorities should use existing Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) to enhance community engagement

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