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30 Jan 2020

CTX releases Counter Terror Report findings

There is no doubt that conference and trade shows form a central part of the annual calendar for industry stakeholders to come together and discuss the latest developments, challenges and technologies trending in their industry. In this respect, Counter Terror Expo (CTX) 2020 offers an invaluable opportunity for counter-terror professionals, offering, as it does, a conference agenda of top-tier international speakers and an exhibition featuring latest innovative technologies, products and services. There is possibly no better way for professionals across industry, infrastructure, government and policing to put their finger on the pulse of the counter-terror sector, both when it comes to issues facing the sector and forging a collective way to address them.

In releasing its first Counter Terror Report this week, CTX has offered the industry a snapshot barometer of those issues. The report presents the findings of a survey carried out by CTX in November 2019, in which respondents were given the chance to provide opinions on current readiness levels across the UK to prevent and respond to the terror threat, the threat level itself, and government counter-terror strategies.

The value in the report is in the ‘state of the union’ conversation it initiates, giving industry insiders a common ground from where considerations and plans of action can begin as we look toward the May conference and exhibition. It effectively drops a pin on the map and says ‘this is where we are now, where do we go from here and how do we get there?’

Not only will the report give industry a better handle on what its customers are looking for, it helps those customers better frame the issues at hand within the context of the current counter-terror climate, and should instigate collaboration among players who are aligned with common goals. Collaboration is a key theme of CTX 2020, and with this report the team behind the event have kicked things off on the right foot.


The CTX report can be downloaded in full here:

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