21 Jan 2019

2018 NATO Summit Protected Against Drones by Aaronia’s AARTOS System

Aaronia´s AARTOS Drone Detection System was the exclusive RF-based counter-UAV solution protecting the 2018 NATO Summit in Brussels.

Multiple systems were placed on top of the NATO headquarters and
the Triumphal Arch at the Cinquantenaire (Jubelpark), the place of the delegation dinner. Reacting to the growing threat posed by unmanned aircraft systems, the AARTOS system was handpicked by the Belgian Federal Police.
Aaronia CEO Thorsten Chmielus: “We feel privileged for the
opportunity to protect yet another international summit.” The contract
with the Belgian police followed the successful use of several AARTOS systems at the 2018 North Korea–United States summit in Singapore.
“Since the system is both fully developed and automatic, we were also able to meet the police’s express delivery deadline”, Chmielus added.
The police’s pick may come as no surprise, as the AARTOS DDS is
the only radio frequency- (RF) based detection system to meet all of
the police requirements, with a special focus on multi-target, highrange detection in urban environments.
The AARTOS system detects, identifies, tracks, and defeats a drone in approximately 3 seconds at a range of up to 15 km (or 9 miles). Using RF detection, AARTOS can even detect multi-band drones in real-time, before using an RF jammer to defeat the drone. A fully integrated, longdistance camera with automatic target tracking works alongside the RF detection, verifying the drone type and its potentially dangerous payload.
By integrating Aaronia’s AARTOS Sector Jammer solution, the
system’s operator can effectively override the signal exchange
between the drone and its remote control, and force the UAV into a
safe landing. The AARTOS system is in compliance with military-grade certifications, designed and tested to work under the most adverse conditions. Regardless of rough terrain, day or night, fog, rain or snow– the system is sturdy, durable, versatile and operator-controlled.
Various government agencies rely on Aaronia’s AARTOS DD systems, most notably police and military forces. AARTOS is used for the protection of high-profile personnel, national infrastructure or
strategically important sites, namely power plants, correctional
facilities, borders, political or VIP events as well as airports and
The AARTOS detect-identify-track-and-defeat C-UAV system was
released to the market in 2015, and is currently in its 3rd generation.
The 4th generation is scheduled for market release in late 2018.
Over 50 systems were installed in 2017, while Aaronia has already
received more than 300 new orders in 2018.

About Aaronia AG
Based in Germany, Aaronia AG designs and develops RF and MW test and measurement equipment. Founded in 2003, the company’s initial focus lay on spectrum analyzers, generators, antennas and shielding materials. Aaronia’s main focus has since become the design and development of high-end drone detection and counter-UAV equipment based on RF signal detection. After four years of development, the AARTOS Drone Detection System was released in 2015. Now in its 3rd generation, the system and its range have been refined and expanded with every iteration. Aaronia’s customer groups include government agencies such as police and military forces. All Aaronia products, both hard- and software, are designed and developed inthe company’s headquarters in Strickscheid, Germany.

For further information, please visit:
For media or press inquiries, please contact:
Manuel Pinten Phone: +49 6556 9019355
Email: mail@aaronia.de

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